AC Fans


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Frame:  Die-cast aluminum painted black or natural finish. Die-cast zinc painted black or natural finish. Plastic PBT (UL 94V-0).

Motor:  Reliable shaded pole motor construction. Capacitor induction motor.

Impeller:  Injection molded, non-flammable thermoplastic UL 94V-0 rating. Metal.

Bearing:  Precision, life lubricated ball bearing system. Precision, oil impregnated sintered sleeve bearing system.

Insulation Resistance:  10 megohms minimum at 500VDC.

Dielectric Strength:  1 minimum at 2,000 VAC/50-60Hz.

Impedance Protection:  The fans are designed in such a way that the wiring will not burn out even if the rotating parts are restricted. The use of incombustible insulating materials assures increased safety.

Operating Temperature:  -10˚C to +70˚C for the sleeve bearing. -20˚C to +80˚C for the ball bearing.

Operating Voltage:  110/120V range voltage from 85V to 125V. 220/230V range voltage from 190V to 245V.

Ambient Humidity:  Ball bearing RH20% - 85%. Sleeve bearing RH20% - 80%.

Noise level range is from 21 to 54dBA depending on the speed and model selected.